a mostly working minecraft bedrock tool for downloading server worlds, skins and others
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a minecraft bedrock proxy that can among other things save worlds from servers




if you find an issue or a crash, please report it by opening a github issue with a screenshot of the crash or issue, thanks

Usage: bedrocktool <flags> <subcommand> <subcommand args>

        capture          capture packets in a pcap file
        help             describe subcommands and their syntax
        list-realms      prints all realms you have access to
        merge            merge 2 or more worlds
        packs            download resource packs from a server
        realms-token     print xbl3.0 token for realms api
        skins            download all skins from players on a server
        skins-proxy      download skins from players on a server with proxy
        worlds           download a world from a server

Top-level flags (use "bedrocktool flags" for a full list):
  -debug=false: debug mode (enables extra logging useful for finding bugs)
  -dns=false: enable dns server for consoles (use this if you need to connect on a console)
  -preload=false: preload resourcepacks for proxy (use this if you need server resourcepacks while using the proxy)