TGP 5 man project involving a ninja and a maze made in PlayStation Mobile Studio
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AlexScott a1c83a8d60 [+] Final Bug fixes + Developer tools removed
Removed the ability to rotate with the analogue stick. Fixed a loading
bug with levels 16-20. Fixed a bug when the Hiscores tab would appear
behind the maze.
8 years ago
GravityDuck [+] Final Bug fixes + Developer tools removed 8 years ago
README.txt [+] New Levels, HiScores, and more 8 years ago


#Gravity Ninja

The first 6 levels tell the journey of the average citizen becoming a gravity ninja. We find out that a corporation called DD has invested a whole load of money into
a programme that invovles gravity manipulation and the player has been chosen to take part. The player learns all about the required skills that are necessary to becoming
a gravity ninja and is encouraged fully by the Royal Institue of Ninja Training. Once the player has progressed through these levels he set's out into the wild,
continuing to build up his Gravity Manipulation skills.

Immediately the feel of the game changes. The game goes from grassy lands and a feeling of safety to a much darker environment. The corporation is still in contact with us
however, telling us how things are progressing with the programme. We learn that they have taken on 2 new students who are training to become gravity ninjas. Their
training is going well and are looking to soon reach the skill level of the player. Suddenly one of the new students dies in a freak accident. The player is told that
the student died because he fell into a wind fan, but the way the message is written makes the player doubtful. The messages then continue to come through until one
day out of the blue the player recieves a message from a person known as 'X' which tells the player than the student was killed by DD. The messages recieved after that
make it obvious that there is huge conflict at DD, a kind of revolt. The player learns that DD are harnessing gravity changes to generate energy and the reason why
they were so heavily for the Gravity Ninja programme was so they could make money. The public were not happy with this because as a result of tampering with gravity 
has affected tides and water levels all over the world, killing millions. 

The remaining levels tell the story of the DD corporation being raided and destroyed with the penultimate level being a news report and the final level being a wise
message from 'X'.

Simple 2D platformer where you are unable to control the player but are able to manipulate the world around him including being able to rotate, 
flip, change gravity the level he is on. The game will be played as a side scroller where you must navigate through a maze type map with all 
kinds of obstacles/puzzles/enemies. The main point of this game is to use/abuse physics to solve problems to complete the maze. The player 
will be constantly moving in one direction and you will be around to rotate the map with the touchscreen (or whatever) to avoid obstacles 
and get to your destination.
How it will be made:
The maze itself will be made from hundreds of rigid, non-moveable textured blocks. The method to create the maze from these blocks will be to 
read in from a text file containing a 100x100 (or bigger/smaller) map of numbers with each number representing either an empty square or a block. 
This means it looks more professional as it<69>s not hard-coded and it is easier to change the design of the maze or add more maze levels or add 
another block entity. The rotation feature will be done so the map doesn<73>t rotate but the camera does, giving the illusion that the map is 
rotating. Alongside this the gravity vector that the player has will need to change as the camera does, as does the direction vector the 
player is moving in. 

If the slope that the player is moving up is too steep the player will move much slower or will eventually travel backwards. 
Again if the slope of the maze is too shallow the player will move quicker down it. PHYSICS. Changing gravity is simple as you just invert the 
gravity vector. The player will have a speed float which can only be affected by the slopes of the maze (steeper = slower) and the players 
velocity. The player will have a default direction vector which will change a lot as the maze gets rotated. If that vector gets too steep it 
will trigger a bool that will invert it making the player travel in the opposite direction. The player will have a velocity/momentum float that 
makes the player fall and move more realistically. If the player is falling and lands on his head he will need to rotate so his feet are on 

the surface before he starts moving again (unless of course the user decides to make him fall again).The player will be a simple textured sprite and 
possibly animated. The blocks will be textured as grass towards the beginning of the maze at 0,0 and turn darker as the player progresses through. 
Behind the maze there will be a texture which again will be light and happy towards the beginning (probably clouds or something) and turn darker 
as you progress (eventually becomes hell). As for the HUD on the screen there will most likely be time left and distance that the player has done. 
There will also be a cool start and death menu, with the death menu displaying current score which will be calculated by __________ and high scores 
which will be read from file. 

Implementing smooth touch screen usage does seem quite hard but should be fine. All code should be commented pls and good variable names and stuff. 
We can work on the design of each part of the level or indiviual levels later.