Generate __sce_ebootpbp for the vita
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chovy-gen by @dots_tb and Motoharu

(.dll version mod by SilicaAndPina)
Generate __sce_ebootpbp for the vita

This file is used to verify EBOOT.pbp files on the Vita to prevent tampering and is also used for version checking.

To generate a __sce_ebootpbp, you must have obtained your AID. One method of obtaining your AID is to copy it from an existing __sce_ebootpbp at offset 0x40 to 0x48 from a hex editor.

CMD LINE (*): ./chovy-gen <your aid ex: 0x123456789ABCDEF0> <EBOOT.pbp> 
*You use a thing command prompt, to find that, you use a thing called Google

With CBPS ( help especially: @notzecoxao (and his friends?), @SiliCart, and @nyaaasen

Check out motoharu's project:

(He is aiming to make a fully functional f00d emulator).