Generates "Serial Code" for eCDP DS game.
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Dont want to download anything? try using my web interface(tm):

Generates "Serial Code" for the rarest DS Game ever; eCDP !

Windows and Linux Binaries:

Other implementations:

-- Python

Turns out "LazyDogP" was reversing it around the same time i was, writing his own implementation in python, ulthough i beat him to it by 2 days, mine was completed on Nov 25, 2020 (sometime before midnight probably, on commit 01a79303ac)

his was completed on Nov 27, 2020, ulthough he lost the race he didnt know he was competing in but still a good reversing effort,

mine acturally worked like 50% of the time the day before that but im not counting that because it wasnt 100% success.

-- JavaScript

One of the users on the eCDP Speedrunning discord called "User670" ported the algorithm to JavaScript, based on LazyDogP's version since python is closer to JS than C is .. so i am now using his version for the Web Interface rather than running my C Code via php exec() like i was doing before, its slightly faster, and more secure to do it this way too since i dont risk someone finding a way to break out of the exec() and run arbitary code.. so yeah.