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FreePSM v1.1:

  • Added support for PSM Unity Runtimes (1.00-1.02)
  • Removed some unnecessary code


FreePSM v1.0:

  • Inital Release



Enables Debug PSM InAppPurchases in retail PSM Runtime

Basically.. it Allows you to obtain PSM InAppPurchases offline . . (and for free of cource)
forever.. :3

Useful for games that have the full game locked behinds an IAP

Install under *ALL

Only works with PSM Runtime 2.01 And UNITY Runtime(s) 1.00-1.02

BTW: if u have an older PSM Runtime please share! im looking for older verisons!

Note: This is ONLY for PSM (PlayStation Mobile) games NOT for Native Vita Games.

Whenever an InAppPurchase command is called a message box will pop up:
like "Get Ticket Information ?" with 3 options:
OK Cancel Error
if you press OK, the IAP Handler will say the command completed successfully
if you press CANCEL it'll say that it was cancled by the user
if you press ERROR it'll say an error occured.