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r/vitahacks trophy-hacking censorship continues!

u/GeeGee-E removed my post about TrophaxSE just like they did with the original trophax.suprx
please message the moderators of r/vitahacks and tell them to leave trophax alone. #FreeTROPHAX

Will i get banned?

Probably not, no one has ever gotten banned on vita
even in the past when using other trophy hacks such as:
TropHAX.suprx TrophyPather or PSVTrophyIsGood

If you claim "me was banned" - ConsoleID or GTFO
give me ur CID and ill check if it really is until then-
assume such claims are bullsheet


TropHAX Standalone Edition
A homebrew app that can unlock trophys for any game.
Unlike the original TropHAX.SUPRX however, this is compadible with 100% of games!
You simply need the game installed and the trophy files inside ur0:/trophy and you can unlock stuffs!


SilicaAndPina - Lead developer, - working out how trophys work and stuff.
TheFlow (vitashell) - For trop_dat0: mounting code
Princess Of Sleeping - For helping me with trop_dat0: mounting
AnalogMan - for doing UI Stuffs
Zecoaxco - ksceRtcSetCurrentTick();