hi1.horseisle.com and pinto.horseisle.com remake
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This repository is meant to re-implement the server-side script's for horse isle web site(s) (specifically based on: https://master.horseisle.com and https://pinto.horseisle.com)

What are the folders?

master-site/ - Contains registration, fourms, help center, server list, and so on (based on master.horseisle.com)
game-site/ - Contains the game client itself, and minimal PHP scripts to display the account page (based on pinto.horseisle.com)


to configure your own server there are 3 main files you need to be aware of:

  • game-site/config.php - Configuration file for a specific game-site
  • master-site/config.php - Configuration file for the main master-site
  • master-site/servers.php - Configuration file for server list

Note: HMAC_SECRET must match in master-site and all game-sites,